I know that when we love someone, we listen, 

and they mostly feel heard by us, perhaps even always. 

We listen especially when a loved one is troubled 

we listen to feel with them through anything, 

we have all the time in the world To Get It Right in more ways then one

its not our own life journey what our loved one is going through 

so we are not afraid to listen with all our sensen 

incl. imagination to keep ot all together 

and  we go deep enough to feel and see with them, be at their view 

so that later on, from our own silent empathetic objective 

from knowing the person and their ways of lighting up 

we sum up quite naturally some different ways  

of helping them just by caring enough for this to be a natural consequence from within us

because our loved ones matter the most after all and everything, we will reach them99% of the time through fearless loving patience, understanding, support. 

Help them to see the best of themselves till they stand strong in those aspects feeling whole enough to get back up again. 

…when we love our closest friend really, we just want as much of their time in pressense as we can possibly get in this life, without any other demands on them. 


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