I have been unbelievably seriously superiorly high without drugs 3 times. 

But the incredible thing is, that I have never seen or even heard of anyone ever getting so high on any drug. Nevermind the duration! 

And although I’ve only tried weed, hash and coke (and been drugged 2times, guessing once with liquid extacy, and once with G) plus I worked with the nightlife world for over a decade, so, I do think I know enough about drugs. …for my taste at least! And currently I live in an artist building which is infamous because management is all old-school “rock n’ roll” ~ not wanting any rules and such, in the belief that people should be wise enough not to need any guide-lines or regulations of any kind. Yeah hahaa… dream on right!? …in a world of Sheeple, where min.80% is dangerously stupid and/or functionaires by nature. 

Brilliant yeah, so this artishouse is all insane, and repressenting the theme of party-mode(~drugs) as a life-style. Some people even move in here just to try a messy wild period in their life, and recently someone even died on G here, and a while back a regular visitor died choking on his own vomit (like a few famous people did as well) on mushrooms combined with alcohol. People are on their own in the drug-dungeon here, just like alcoholic peoples children are alone in a wild cold world. 

But, my very best, highest high, the feeling of omnipotent powerful free flowing existance, ready and able to come up with and do anything, touch and possitively affect anyone, even the most misserable or even mean person, was something very personally individual for me, comming out of the comfort of a living-situation I was in, living in beautiful all zen type of place, …guessing we all might have something different perhaps, which can make us feel super high without drugs. 

For me this “Royal High” came out of the combination of being free to travel to anywhere while having been in the Caribbean zone of the world for 3 months and toping it with residing in Il Vilagio on Ocean Drive inSouth Beach Miami, where we also had some 4 or 5 old CD’s playing non-stop all the days I was there, which were Classical music, Tantra Drums, Reiki music and a CD called Secret garden. Surely all this music playing non-stop 24 hours a day, created some powerful sphere of good healing energies in the condo, which together with all the luxurious comfort provided enough for the human system to feel so relaxed so good so sweet so easy so safe so comfortable in this physical existence here.  …or however to describe it!? 

Here in my “Analogue-style Diary” I mention how I was affected.  

Analogue Blogging
Analogue-style Diary • p.1
Analogue-style Diary Journal
Analogue-style Diary • p.2
Diary Journal Analogue-style
Analogue-style Diary • p.3
Diary Journal Analogue-style
Analogue-style Diary • p.4
Diary Journal Analogue-style
Analogue-style Diary • p.5

But it was this place (in these photos here bellow) that got me reminicing, as I was looking into what options there might be here in Berlin, for moving some of us who get allong well, to a huge flat instead of residing in this screwed, demotivating, downpulling energies of this artist-house. So looking at places of min.6 bedrooms, lofts as well, and then this city center tower-place appeared, as if to make me remember all those Natural SuperHigh-geneating things, and similar experiences, making me see it now from a distance all clear, and relating all of it to how I already know certain things tend to affect me. 

So I could be saying that luxury is a better drug. But even though it actually may be so, that is not what I’m saying. It is rather just a perfect example of what Professor Alexander’s experiements revealed to us about drug-addiction (see in this video All We Thought We Knew About Drug Addiction Turns Out To Be Wrong). 


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