I see the division of man. These are times where too many of us are profoundly lonely while not alone. 

I feel the division is now complete, when several nearly whole populations of whatever regions are on antidepressives. 

Each following generations bleeds similarly, from all the different levels of misguiding and manipulations of free that we are being fed with, from everywhere all the time in all shapes and forms, . …and that since so long that they are doing it to each other/supporting it themselves. 

He Wanted You – or what you play,  hung out with – you night n day. 

He scanned you in his own way. 

All those team-up “signs”,  to clean up your crap and co’invent perfect times! 

Expecting one another to make a move, but expectation has no groove. 

He inspected what you show, 
because it looks like you know,   when d Stop   when to Go,  and when to let it all just freeflow.

He was leaning on your tough n hard, feeling like you know when to play the right card. 

He studied You, as you seemed so cool, thought life must have given her a real good school. 

It looked as if, you could join to shift, but there was no clean pure two in a kiss, so it stayed in the abyss. 


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