The most effective massage I ever got was from my structual therapist friend Natalie Simpson (mostly residing winters partly in Paris and summers partly on Ibiza (some pretty shallow places but her massage runs very opposite ways)). She gave the only healing massages I’ve ever had, I who’s has tried so many different massage therapists, through my dacade as a constantly working globetrotting dancer. She cured a days-going-on-and-on head ache in 3minnutes or less. She cured my hip problem, which as she was massaging in her odd ways, turned out to be on the side of my thigh and going up to my butt.

And from the hip, thigh, but experience I leaned two things;

One is that she took her time, approx two hours of me being tortured to tears mixed with an uncontrolable laughter over the fact that this pain that feels like good pain, hurt so that it sort of/ squezed crying and laughing out of me. Unbelievalbe experience. And it just showed that a (above all a sincere) massage therapist, who takes his or her time and gives of it the time it takes to get to the bottom of the pains/the problem, the one who is there to cure, with the knowledge and sensitivity to do so, WILL cure or improve your issue/s in one long painfull session and the worst.

The other thing I learned is, that whenever the pain comes back, occasionally on either side of …yeah my aparently fake hip-problem, now I know where to let the hard stream of water run, and to massage there long enough till it feels eiter better, or if it was, like my “hip” today, severe, then all beaten into a bit of a sore feeling would usually be the case.

And then its always gone the next day. 
I discovered just how effective water-/self-massage actually is, in Spain, when I was dancing with my best friend “Alex” in Marbella, Puerto Banus. There is an indoor swimmingpools-place, where they have hard streams of water running from all different installations, in enough different positions for you to massage yourself anywhere you need it. So I naturally did the whole everything possible. And when you then have differet saunas, and super hot and supbrrrhCold water, then you’re getting even more detox, through the sweating, muscle relaxinng through the different types of heat, and also blood circulation is increased through the repeated changing between hot and freezing pool dips.

This waterSelfMassage woks perfectly.

What I know without a doubt from all my experiences, is that with most massage therapists (besides Natalie) curring the same woul be so many sessios, making it just temporarily better. …


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