Analogue Diary Blogging p.1

Il Vilagio is an amazing place I lived on Ocean Drive in South Beach Miami. It’s one of those places You might have seen in mo ies, where the elevator opens up right into your apartment, as it recognizes the card you put in its slot for it, which it reads to take you to Your apartment. WONDERFUL PLACE. …as I returned to Europe after living in such delux, I was as on some natural high for months after that, feeling so chilled on every level of me, and whatever would normally wind me up, was passing me by like nothing. 

Analog Diary Blogging p.2
Analog Diary Blogging p.3
Analog Diary Blogging p.4
Analogue Diary Blogging p.5
Analog Diary Blogging p.6
Analog Diary Blogging p.7

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