Sitting here … 

Cat-sitting here!
Mish & Nata’s Place
… well actually Cat-sitting here, and again as so often thinking about posting all, or some, of my Diaries. Yeah the real original handwritten ANALOG style collection of diaries that I got. 

Handwritings are freaking amazing, interesting and always like a whole world full of life. Even before I start reading, I already see some very personal part of the writer’s internal world from a distance. -because handwritten things reveal so much about the writer, not only does it show some parts of character that we otherwise do not see, but it also reveals the writer’s feel of the moment, how the writer feels while writing, which can also change through the writing. 

As well my own handwriting seems to appear different all the time. -depending the moment, -depending on how I feel, weather that be physically, emotionally or mentally. 

I guess it’s true, that we are living in times where the human perseption is becoming simpler by the decade. Not only does the media keep stupidifying my damn species, but it also keeps misguiding, mis-educating and confusing. And it’s also clear that pretty much noone will be developing their handwriting properly anymore, not to mention getting used to reading handwritten things in general. It looks like people will eventually have the “handicaps” of an undeveloped ugly child-like handwriting and be unable to read most thigs that arent typed. 

But regardless, I just love to read handwritten messages letters/mails and what not, even though there are some people who’s handwriting makes me feel like I’m decoding encryptions. But even that is more exiting/explorative, more personal, more unique, more interesting than just plain impersonal typed text, without the intimate personal traces of the writers feelings, character, state of mind and body. 

-in other words, that which is not being said in the text, is revealed in the handwriting. 

Awsome scent with a fun name fitting as a gift or a memory from here in B.
PHOTO: SmilaZ – La fille de Berlin 

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